This article focuses on Chris McLean and Topher.


Topher is enamored with Chris and is overly complimentary of his hosting skills. Topher begins offering suggestions on how to make the challenges extra painful "You know what would make an excellent TWIST for this one?" (his teammates hate him but Chris takes a shine to him.) It all changes when Topher starts to dress like Chris take over Chris' hosting duties every chance he gets.


In The Opening Sequence he and Chris are on a Rock and Chris pushes him down. In So, Uh, This Is My Team? Topher is delighted to see Chris when they are on the plane and even gives him a parachute before He reveals he is a hologram. Later in the challenge Topher comes up to see Chris in action and applauds him alot, Chris after that pushes Topher down. Topher's Team wins the challenge so they do not go to ellimination.

In I Love You, Grease Pig! Topher is impressed by Chris and When he does the challenge Topher says something that makes Chris worry, When they hit commercial break Topher tries to take Chris's Role but Chris intrudes and goes to commercial with Topher mimicing him in the backround. Topher's Team wins the challenge so he does not go to ellimination