Team Maskwak
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Eliminated TDPI: Hurl and Go Seek!
Place TDPI: 7th Place
Relationship: Sky (in tension)
Ella (one-sided on her side)
Friends Ella
Enemies Leonard, Beardo (one sided on Dave's side), Sky
Voiced by Daniel DeSanto

Dave, labeled The Normal Guy, was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and was placed on Team Maskwak. He was voiced by Daniel DeSanto. He was born on September 26th.


The nice and normal guy. He's a nice and normal and straight forward guy without even a whisper of crazy. Wait, do you consider hypochondriacs and germaphobes crazy? Oh. Then maybe he's a little crazy. Dave can be kind of uptight, and tends to over think things which makes him a bit of a burden during physical challenges but he learns to loosen up episode by episode. He gets credit for being a "total wild man" just because he so occasionally tosses out a sarcastic/offhand comment that turns out to be a so-crazy-it-works solution to whatever problem his team is currently facing.


Dave in the first two episodes is shown to be a snarky and pessimistic guy, as the series goes on we learn more about him, such as that he's a germaphobe. Despite this, he is shown to be a very kindhearted guy, as seen when he helps Ella out in A Blast From the Past. Dave later keeps getting heartbroken as a result of Sky's constant rejection of him, he eliminates himself because he realizes that Sky wants to focus on the game. In the finale however, he learns that Sky has a boyfriend, this makes Dave snap and gets revenge on Sky. Then he is left on an island to be mauled by Scuba Bear 3.0.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


  • Dave has a big resemblance to Noah from the original series of Total Drama. Like Noah, he make sarcastic remarks a lot, and acts like a pessimist. 
  • Dave doesn't like getting dirty. It most likely means he has myciphobia, which is the fear of germs.
  • In Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems, Ella calls him by his full name David, he is the first contestant of the new cast who has his full name confirmed.
  • Dave is one of the seven males to have more than one girl attracted to him. The others being Duncan, Justin, Harold, Trent, Alejandro and Mike.
    • He is the only Pahkitew Island contestant to have more than one girl attracted to him
  • Dave along with Chris, Heather, Alejandro, Sierra, Chef, Dakota, and Staci have all been bald at some point in the series.
    • He is the only Pahkitew Island cast member to become bald.
  • He is the last contestant on Pahkitew island to get eliminated normally.