This page focuses on the interactions between Dave and Sky.


Dave and Sky have a complex relationship. They are quick to become friends, and become closer as the season progresses. Dave is the first to develop romantic feelings, and while Sky likes Dave, she is more interested in the competition than a relationship. Despite this, their mutual attraction becomes increasingly obvious and the two nearly share a kiss multiple times before Sky switches teams, which upsets Dave. With Dave out of the way, Sky returns to her goal of being focused on the game. This, combined with Dave's more intense romantic feelings, puts a strain on the two which climaxes in Sky lashing out at Dave and rejecting him. Despite this, Dave willingly leaves the competition to keep Sky from being eliminated. Their relationship becames official in the finale, when Dave is pick up to help Sky to win the million dollars. However, they broke up as Chris reveals that Sky has a boyfriend at home.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

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