This article focuses on the interactions between Jasmine and Samey 


They are placed on the same team and are good friends 


In So, Uh, This Is My Team? They are placed on the same team. during the challenge Samey listens to Jasmine's Plans for the challenge. They win the challenge and celebrate neither are up for elimination.

In I Love You, Grease Pig! Amy pushes Samey outside to help pick berries with Jasmine they look for berries and Samey stays very close to Jasmine, She is about to take a bite out of the apple, But Jasmine notices that it is toxic and throws a stick to stop her from eating the apple. She shows Samey about her rash on her hand and Samey scratches Jasmine and Shawn talk and Samey listens for a while and Eventually Leaves. At the challenge Samey listens to Jasmines Orders. They win the challenge and Samey and Jasmine cheer, After they win they go back to there cabin and Samey and Jasmine walk together and Rodney breaks up with Jasmine and they glance at eachother in confusion.

In Twinning Isn't Everything Samey and Jasmine are picking berries but Samey feels uncomftorble about Amy so Jasmine gives her advice and when they see Shawn Samey respects there privacy and lets them talk. When they are eating breakfast Samey gats mad at Amy and starts yelling at her Amy fake cries in Scarlett's Arms and Amy runs away Jasmine looks worried about Samey. During the challenge they are the last on there team. Jasmine lets Samey throw it but Amy grabs it and tries to throw it but Jasmine tries to take it and give it to Samey. Samey and Amy are in the bottom 2, Jasmine looks worried for Samey, Samey is supposed to be eliminated but She acts like Amy and ecscapes ellimination Jasmine probablly voted Amy.