Episode Title- Ranking- Team Name- Eliminated Character-
So, Uh This Is My Team 14th Team Maswak Beardo
I Love You, Grease Pig 13th Team Maswak Leonard
Twinning Isn't Everything 12th Team Kinosewak Amy
I Love You, I Love You Knots 11th Team Kinosewak Rodney
A Blast  From The Past 10th Team Kinosewak Samey/ Amy
Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems 9th Team Maswak Ella
This Is The Pits


none None
Three Zones And A Baby 8th Team Kinosewak Topher
Hurl & Go Seek 7th Team Kinosewak Scarlett
Scarlett Fever 6th/5th Team Maswak/Team Kinosewak Max/ Jasmine
Break Back Mountain 5th Team Maswak Shawn
Pahk'd With Talent 4th Team Maswak Sugar
Lies, Cries, & One Big Prize 2nd/1st Team Maswak Sky
Lies, Cries, & One Big Prize! 2nd/1st Team Maswak Dave

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