Scarlett Fever
Season 6, Episode 10
First aired (CAN) October 30, 2014
First aired (USA) July 16, 2014
Challenge(s) The island is going to self destruct any second now! Find the control room, in the underground lab, and stop the island before it blows up!
Winner(s) Shawn and Jasmine, Sky and Sugar
Eliminated Scarlett and Max
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"Hurl and Go Seek!"
"Sky Fall"


The six remaining contestants must find their way out of of a layer Scarlett's true identity is revealed and tries to steal the million dollars and blow up the island Sugar then catches her and wins immunity and in the end Scarlett and Max get disqualified from the competion


Voice Actor Characters
Christian Potenza Chris
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Sarah Podemski Sky
Kristi Friday Scarlett


  • This is the first episode Scarlett is seen without her glasses.
  • This also the first time Scarlett's long hair is shown.
  • This is the first time it snows in the series.
  • It is revealed Scarlett's glasses are fake.
  • This episode's plot is similar to the Total Drama Revenge of the Island episode Up Up and Away in My Pitfull Balloon in which case Heather also steals the million dollars.
  • Intrestingly both happened in the tenth episode of their respective seasons.


  • This is the third non-aftermath episode to be named after a contestant.
  • This is the second time a contestant tries to steal the million dollars.
  • This is the second double elimination of the season thus making it the first time since Total Drama World Tour where this has been two double eliminations.