So, Uh, This Is My Team?
Season 6, Episode 1
First aired (CAN) September 4, 2014
First aired (USA) July 7, 2014
Challenge(s) Build a fort out of nearby tools and materials that has to be immune to the moose stampede while the tennis balls.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Team Kinosewak
Eliminated Beardo
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"The Final Wreck-ening (Total Drama All-Stars)"
"I Love You, Grease Pig!"

Fourteen new teen children are introduced to a brand new setting, in the most dangerous season ever. They are split into two different teams and compete in their first challenge by building a fort while dodging painful tennis balls that Chef Hatchet is shooting at them. Some conflicts already arise, along with friendships . In the end, one team losers due to their structure not being strong enough, and a certain annoying camper was voted off for being his normal shy self.


The 14 new children fall out of a plane, open their parachute packs and land safely to the new island they will compete on. Rodney is surprised by his parachute, even Jasmine, Amy, Samey, Scarlett, Topher, and Max have parachutes. But Leonard, Beardo, Dave, Ella, Sky, Shawn, and Sugar have no parachutes at all. Next, Chris introduces the teams. Team Kinosewak: Mean Cheerleader Twin Amy, Outback Survivalist Sweetheart Jasmine, Evil Wannabe Max, Very Shy, Cute and Handsome Muscular Farmer Rodney, Nice Cheerleader Twin Samey, Smart and silent Scarlett, and Chris FanaticTopherTeam Maskwak: Sound Effects Master Beardo, Germophobe Pessimist Dave, Singing and Dancing Princess Ella, LARPER Leonard, Paranoid Doomsdayer Shawn, Paegent Queen Sugar, and Gymnast Supreme Sky. The challenge begins with them building a house or a fort. They have to grab items to build the fort but have to dodge tennis balls getting thrown or shot at them. Team Kinosewak won the challenge because There Cabin Survived The Mooses. Team Maskwak Lost Because of Bad Teamwork and There Wizard castle Couldn't Survive the Mooses and at elimination the team votes off Beardo because he didn't talk just made sounds and isn't that helpful and he then takes The Cannon Of Shame from the island.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet/Beardo/Leonard
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Sunday Muse Ella
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Ian Ronningen Rodney
Bryn McAuley Amy/Samey
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Sarah Podemski Sky
Christopher Jacot Topher


  • This is the first episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.
  • This is the first episode on Pahkitew Island.
  • This is the first episode featuring the 3rd generation cast.
  • Chris telling Samey that evereyone pronounces her name that way instead of Sammy is a reference to her audition tape.


  • This is the 2nd season with the smaller intro the first being Total Drama All Stars.
  • Chef wears his flight suit from Total Drama World Tour.