Team Maskwak
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDPI: Pahk'd With Talent
Place TDPI: 3rd
Relationship: Leonard (attracted to)
Friends Leonard, Max(One sided on Sugar's side)
Enemies Jasmine, Scarlett, Sky, Shawn, Topher, Ella (one-sided on Sugar's side)Beardo,Samey,
Voiced by Rochelle Wilson

Sugar, labeled The Pageant Queen, is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, competing on Team Maskwak. She was voiced by Rochelle Wilson. 


Sugar:(the wannabe pageant Queen) with a heart of darkness. Sugar hails from a farm outside of Lloydminster, Alberta. Or Saskatchewan. "You can see either cause it's a provincial border town!" A sweet and seriously cute dumbbell who signs up because she thought Total Drama was a pageant, and it takes her several episodes to realize it isn't - "When's the talent portion?" When she hits the dock in her bathing suit, she struts like she's on a runway for the swimsuit portion of a pageant. She speechifies like a pageant competitor, repeating every question she's asked before launching into her answers with pageant-isms like "I personally believe..." She has an intense regimen for always looking gorgeous, goes to sleep in curlers - but eventually it all falls apart and she reverts to her true self, and only makes half attempts to clean up for the on-camera portions of the show. She's a little big-boned and isn't shy about loudly sharing her opinions and bizarre family expressions.


Sugar appears wearing a pink shirt, and capri pants. She also has blonde hair, styled similar to Honey Boo-Boo's.


Sugar is determined to be crowned queen of the pageant she calls Total Drama. She is used to the life of competition and beauty, and has exhibited impressive game strategies despite her lack of brainpower. She's fearless and strong, as shown by her claim that she's thrown a tractor before and her also eating a tarantula with no hesitation. When Sugar doesn't get her way, she can be quite abrasive and harsh, which is shown through her conflict with Ella, in which she would constantly laugh at her torture and misfortune. Due to the pageant life, Sugar seems to be suspicious of others, as she can not recognize true kindness and is willing to tell lies to manipulate others. She has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, as she believes Leonard to be a real wizard and Max to be a real evil genius.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


  • Sugar is one of the only female contestants to be confirmed to have been raised on a farm, with the other being Beth from the first generation.
  • Sugar is one of the three female blondes. The other two are Amy and Samey.
  • Her along with Ella are the only females with visible eyelashes.
  • Sugar is one of two females to wear a belt, the other being Jasmine.
  • She is one of two other contestants with a gap in their teeth. The others being Leonard and Rodney.
  • She is the only female contestant with a gap in her teeth.
  • Sugar is the first contestant to win invincibility after the merge.
    • She is also the only 3rd Generation contestant to win invincibility three times.
  • Sugar seems to have a bizarre taste in food.
  • She caused the eliminations of 3 people.
    • She ratted Ella out to Chris.
    • She defeated Scarlett so she would be eliminated as Chris regains control of the island.
      • Ironically, she eliminated the season's main antagonist.
    • She made a tree fall on Jasmine so she would be last and eliminated.        
  • She cries while she is being eliminated.        
  • She is the second character to have a weave (the first was Leshawna).
    • She is the first character to have a weave not in the original cast.  
  • Sugar shares many similarities with Owen from the first generation.
    • They're both overweight.
    • They both have blonde hair.
    • They both have a bizarre taste in food.
    • They both have the same skin color.