• Loenev

    Character Rankings

    April 18, 2014 by Loenev

    'Shawn is my last favorite character. I think he will be the next Ezekiel. He will say nothing. He has nothing specials and he looks really boring. And i dont know he will place good. Will he reach the merge? I don't think so.

    'I really hate Beardo. He looks annoying, and his discription is annoying. I'm happy to hear he will place as 14th. So no worry, one episode with this rasta dude will be fine, Amber. Keep calm.

    ' Too much heroic. I dont like her so much and she is almost annoying. The only moment i liked was, that she saved Samey from her toxic apple.

    ' Just a boring character. I know, so much people loves him but i dont like him.

    ' Dave ... yeah. What shall i say, he is just normal. I dont like him, i dont hate him. Just .. normal.

    ' Jus…

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